Why Twitter is better than Facebook

By Kazim Alam

I’m an avid Twitter user. I believe it’s more useful than Facebook because of the five reasons:

1. People/accounts I follow on Twitter mostly post links to news stories and articles. That’s all valuable information. In other words, dumb people, who’re too lazy to read — and thus rely on YouTube solely for their social media — tend to stay away from Twitter.

2. It’s impersonal – unlike Facebook. There’s no big personal profile showing your political and religious views, quotations, favorite TV shows and books. That means you can’t brag a lot about your varied interests and academic achievements.

3. You don’t get to see “mUsT wAtcH fUnNy vIdEoS” on Twitter as much as you do on Facebook.

4. It’s short. Say all that you’ve to say in 140 characters — or paste a bit.ly link. End of story.

5. There’s little overuse of question marks and exclamation marks. Mind you, excessive use of exclamation marks is the most irritating thing in the whole goddamn world — after, maybe, Sahir Lodhi????!!!!!

One feature that I’d like Twitter to create is to remove tweets of a particular account you follow from your Twitter feed – though without removing your name from that person’s followers’ list.

It’s because there are many people you follow because you know them socially, and that it’d be offensive if you unfollow them while they’re still following you.

This kind of option exists on Facebook: you can make the unwanted posts disappear from your page without necessarily defriending a friend.

Also, there should be a ban on posting from something called Tweet Deck (I’m not sure about its spelling). It allows you to post tweets longer than a typical 140-character tweet.

No, no, no. That’s cheating. That’s not Twitter. That’s against the basic idea of Twitter — which is, short comments directing a user to longer posts/articles/stories on other web pages.


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